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Departure: Everyday
Duration: 2hours & 30minutes
Group Size: 1 to 6-people
Meals: Khmer Cuisine

Tour & Taste with Local Family is aim to make local activities accessable to travelers / tourists. By Unique Trips tailored to the individual, you can immerse yourself into the local way of life. If you love Exploring, Interacting & Learning, come and join this tour. Explore the Real Culture, People & Tour.

Each day is a food journey with new flavours waiting to be explored. This is a fantastic way to experience local Market Tour and Eat Food with local family at the rural village. Joining our Tour & Taste With Local Family to have the opportunity biting into some tasty regional dishes. On this Cultural and Culinery journey, you will be able to explore the Local Market, taking a leisurely stroll around the market and eating an authentic food with local family in a village. This tour will open your senses to taste local Cambodian Food and give you a truly experience of the savoury delicious Khmer Dishes. Also, you will have a chance to try the unusual things like Crickets, Turantula, Diving Biddle, Silk Worms, Water bugs, etc......

Siem Reap Local Market Tour

Siem Reap Local Market

Siem Reap Eating Insects

Eating Insects

Siem Reap Eating with local family

Eating With Local Family

Tour price in US Dollar per person base on people sharing Tuk-Tuk or Minivan.

Group Size 1pax 2pax 3pax 4pax 5pax 6pax
Price per person USD30.00 USD25.00 USD24.00 USD24.00 USD24.00 USD24.00

Tour Includes: Tour Excludes:
* Transportation throughout the trip
* English Speaking Tour Guide
* Meals (Lunch or Dinner)
* Mineral drinking water during the tour
* Cold towels for refreshment.
* Personal expenses
* Travel insurance
* Tips for guide & driver.
This is a private or join tour and the price varies and depends on many aspects as the group size, date of departure and special requested. Please book the tour OR contact us at bengreetingasia@gmail.com for a free quote or customized your trip. Our local knowledged Travel Consultants will promptly answer all your questions with customized advices to best fit your need.

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