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We created the Community Development Program at the area is striking because of its extreme poverty. 75% of the population are classed as living in dire poverty. 85% are subsistence farmers trying to survive on roughly $0.75 per day. This is a project that encourages students from a rural areas to continue their schooling rather than leaving before completing high school. This scholarship program for both genders girls / boys to give them a chance to continue on their studies. A part from 3 years scholarship in high school, we need you to help in order to sponsor the rural girls / boys at other high school at a cost of around USD450.00 per years which includes a bike, school fee, food.

These projects we hope to start from now:

1: We need the bicycles for children to go to school

The History:
Because their villages are 5-10km away which make the school not within walking distance. Siem Reap Countryside Cooking Class always repairs the bikes  to support school attendance with the villages, especially during the re-opening of school in November. Due to some villages being more that 14km away from a high school , some children will not gain education higher than the 9th grade at secondary school located at their villages.

These problems occur when parents are unable to support their transportation, any education supplies needed, and accommodation when they move to high school at the town about 15km from their villages. We are seeking the donors who can support the bicycles to our project 2017-2018.

The Scope of Needed:
=> To purchase 15 of bicycles from the town to donate poorest village's children.

Cost & Schedule:
=> The 15 of bicycles cost is estimated at US$900.00
=> Project duration is estimated at 3 days, this project can begin all the time. the best time is school re-opening in November.

Siem Reap Bicycle Donation

3: School Supply Much Needed

Our Helping Center is one of the most poorest center in Siem Reap Rural rea. We offers some of the poorest children in the area to have a chance to obtain an education in Khmer, English, and computer skill for free.

This is not only benefits the children themselves, but it also opens a window to alleviate poverty among their families and wider communities through gaining an education. We are very grateful to all of our donors who have helped these disadvantaged children so far; however, we still have a few things on our wish list.

In order to offer these children the better education possibilities, we would love to be able to invest in a photo copying and printing machine and a projector. Theses equipment would greatly enhance the lessons and would open up many opportunities for the school & The students.

Siem Reap School Supply Donation

2: Build the reading place for CCC Center

The History:
Most of school in the countryside have many children attending with their library being small and limited , and did not have library yet. Some school have requested the children read under tree but this can only be done in dry season.

  To respond with an increase of students that would like to read, recently the school director had requested to us to seek the donors to help build the reading places at their school.

Location: CCC Cooking Place, Teuk Thla Primary School, Kdei Run Secondary School.

Scope of Work:
=> Purchase the building materials wood, grass roofing, cements, stones, bricks.
=> Purchase 4 sets of cement chair.

Cost & Schedule:
=> The project cost is estimated at US$ 1500 for each building.
=> Project duration is estimated at 7days, this project can begin all the season.

4: We need Water Pump-Wells for CCC Center

One of the most pressing issues facing rural villagers in Siem Reap Angkor Cambodia is a lack of clean water. There are hundreds of thousands of Cambodians who are drinking and washing with dirty and disease-ridden water. Please help us give the gift of clean water with your small donation.

The importance of water cannot be underestimated Convenient access to a safe and reliable source of clean drinking water has undeniable impacts on a multitude of other aspects of human well-being, including health, life expectancy, food security, educational opportunities, and incomes.

Helping The Poor Families:
The Siem Reap Countryside Cooking Class Well Project 's development work in Siem Reap Angkor is to transform the lives of poor Cambodians by creating sustainable communities where they have access to safe water.

Your Opportunity to Make a Different:
There is an opportunity for concerned individuals to improve life in Siem Reap-Angkor, Cambodia.

How you can make a different:
A pump well price ranges from USD 350.00 dollars or more in accordance with the Distance, Quality & Size of the Wells. The avergae cost is USD350.00 per pump-wells.

Any amount you can contribute toward the CCC project will be greatly appreciated. Once your donation is received, the wells will be completed in 20 - 30 days. Photos of your plaque, families and wells will be sent to you with names of the wells beneficiaries.

In order to achieve this objective, The CCC Well Project will continue to work with communities to provide clean drinking water. Siem Reap Countryside Water-Pump-Wells Donation

5: We need water filters

A Water Filter is a point-of-use filtration device that removes harmful materials from ground water. Once water has passed through the filter, it is safe to consume. Bio-sand water filters reduce viral contamination by 90%, bacterial contamination by 90-99% and protozoan parasites by more 99% - alleviating the human surfering of sickness, death, lost employment and the hardship of losing loved ones as a result of drinking contaminated water.

Bio-sand water filters eliminate the need to boil water - after filtration the water is immediately safe to drink. Filters are easy use and save villagers' time, money and firewood / gas. They ultimately improve their overal health and environment. To further ensure success of the project, Bio-sand water filters recipients received training in their indigenous language Khmer regarding the proper use, maintenance and storage techniques, along with basic hygiene and sanitation practices.

Ideally, water-wells & water filters are installed together to provides CCC Center or a Poor family with a full range of safe water for daily use. A single water filter cost $80.00. You can contribute to a water filter by attending Siem Reap Countryside Cooking Class.

Siem Reap Countryside Water-Pump-Wells Donation Siem Reap Countryside Water-Pump-Wells Donation Siem Reap Countryside Water-Pump-Wells Donation Siem Reap Countryside Water-Pump-Wells Donation